Marsmare: Alienation

Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Seriously, not even once? That's okay, we can fix that!

Marsmare: Alienation is a game by Drunk Fly, already well known to fans of ZX Spectrum computers. Exactly with that game we won the first prize in the Yandex Retro Games Battle 2020.

Marsmare: Alienation screenshot

In Marsmare: Alienation, you have to guide your character kidnapped by evil aliens through the intricacies of the space base on the surface of Mars, solve a series of metroidvania-style puzzles, avoid the traps and go back to your home planet in a spaceship.

Marsmare: Alienation screenshot

Now we are actively working on a new, improved and extended version of the game. Marsmare: Alienation will be available for players both on classic ZX Spectrum 128k machines, and on ZX Spectrum Next, PC and game consoles with improved graphics.

Marsmare: Alienation screenshot

Right now you can add Marsmare: Alienation to your Wishlist on Steam.