Marsmare: Alienation


Marsmare: Alienation

Come in, earthlings!

About the Game

Marsmare: Alienaton screenshot

Marsmare: Alienation is a new 2D metroidvania game originally released for ZX Spectrum during the Yandex Retro Games Battle '2020.

The game took the first place in the competition and received a lot of positive feedback, including a review from the master of horror, John Romero.

The plot of the game is as follows: a peacefully sleeping earthling, your protégé, is kidnapped in the middle of the night by evil green guys who arrived in a flying saucer. Waking up on a Martian alien base, the hero decides to take matters into his own hands, stuns the guard and escapes.

In the course of the game the protagonist encounters a variety of adversaries. Among them there are:

  • Martians with blasters;

  • spider-robots;

  • hostile drones;

  • Space slimes.

Each opponent requires a different approach. In addition, the player will need to properly study the map and examine literally every corner in search of fuel, weapons and other useful things.

Marsmare: Alienaton screenshot

For example, a spacesuit will allow you to reach the surface of the planet, and a jetpack makes even the highest rocks and ledges accessible. The game is arranged in such a way that new enemies and new obstacles appear in front of player every single minute.

Development of the extended version

We decided to develop the extended version of the game for several platforms at once:

  • ZX Spectrum (TR-DOS);

  • ZX Spectrum Next;

  • PC (Steam-release)

  • PlayStation 5.

The new version of the game will include a number of important innovations.

A new type of gameplay: flying the spaceship.

In an attempt to escape from the kidnappers, the protagonist will steal a spaceship. Controlling the ship is a separate mini-game that will allow the player to take a breath and distract from the classic metroidvania gameplay.

Marsmare: Alienaton screenshot

New Location: Alien Lunar Base

On the way to Earth, the hero will have to make a forced stop on the dark side of the moon. It turns out there's a secret alien base there, too. New abilities, new enemies, and new weapons await you in this lunar add-on!

Differences between releases on different platforms The classic retro ZX Spectrum version requires TR-DOS to boot. This requirement is dictated by the size of the new game and the impossibility to fit all the content into the computer memory. The version for ZX Spectrum Next will feature an expanded palette and improved soundtrack. In PC and console versions of the game there will be a possibility to choose color palettes (ZX Spectrum / Next) or play in a split-screen mode.

Marsmare: Alienaton screenshot

Release Date

To be announced.

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