Post Solis


Post Solis

Imagine a world that has lost its sun

For 200 years, darkness reigned on the remote planet where the Hope Colony settled. A meteorite that destroyed one of the planet's moons caused the atmosphere to fill with dust and debris - and stop letting any light in. Meteor showers, heavy and dirty air - the universe did its best to leave no stone unturned from the civilization.

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But the people - all those lucky enough to be in the shelters and underground laboratories - were able to survive. Some came to the surface and managed to survive, inventing new gods to match their fractured world. Others labored underground, believing that sooner or later people from other planets would come for them. But their hopes proved futile.

As soon as there appeared a gap in the dust that enveloped the planet, the Vesta recycling ship, the last fragment of the old world, took to the sky. This is where our story begins.


Your protégé, Captain Winfred, a capable young officer, has received a long-awaited promotion. Under the leadership of the legendary battle admiral James Grant, he has taken command of the huge recycling ship Vesta. You will experience these events in the game's prologue.

"Vesta" is an advanced hovercraft. It is equipped with everything you need to clear debris and convert trash into useful resources. Vesta has a staff of more than 200 people, from mechanics and engineers to commanders and their assistants.

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Yes, there are more prestigious professions. For example, mastering deep space or commanding a combat squadron. But we all start somewhere, don't we?

Assistant captain is the charming Lieutenant Eva Barlow. You will face a lot of adventures in her company. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Winfred's learning the basics of the new profession will not last long. A giant meteorite will destroy one of the planet's moons, there will be a storm and a terrible meteor shower. Admiral Grant will make the desperate decision to send the entire ship's crew into protected anabiosis chambers and single-handedly land the Vesta in a safe place.

No one could have imagined that the crew's hibernation would last so long - more than 200 years. The storms would subside, the ship would be covered in dust, and only when the gray, heavy clouds had their first glimmer of light would Vesta's batteries begin to charge.

Obeying the program, the Vesta awakens the crew, ascends into the sky and launches an overview suborbital satellite.

The ship's crew, led by Captain Winfred, will have to adjust to the new realities, learn what happened to the world during their sleep and learn how to survive there.


Post Solis is built on a mix of two genres: RTS, real-time strategy, and RPG, role-playing game.

As the captain of Vesta, you'll have to send scout drones on a reconnaissance mission, gather resources, build production chains and explore ruined cities.

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A key feature of the game is the constant pursuit of the elusive sun. Buildings on the planet's surface are solar-powered and shut down in the dark. Everything you build is ephemeral. So you must constantly mine and recycle resources, search for improved blueprints of production buildings, and build, build, build...

In addition to resources, you can find survivors in the ruins. Each character found is unique. Guided by personal considerations, he can help or hinder you, tell his story and possibly have a significant impact on gameplay. Whether or not to bring a new person on board is up to you.

In addition, each new crew member is a responsibility. Watch for morale on the ship, build relationships, resolve disputes. The role-playing component of the game will give you a lot of emotions and will put you before difficult moral choices.

Working on the game

The Post Solis game was designed from scratch specifically for Ludum Dare '50. The concept that was born during the game jam was so exciting that we decided to go ahead with the full version.

Many Ludum Dare gamers noted non-trivial story, interesting gameplay and quality gaming mechanics. In a Steam release we'll improve every game component and add a lot of new features. Thus, the game already has:

  • 3 full-fledged campaigns and a short tutorial prologue;

  • new immersive soundtrack;

  • deep role-playing mechanics;

  • Procedurally generated landscape;

  • a "free-play" mode with no ties to the main story;

  • 3 difficulty modes.

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Release Date

Right now we're working on the game: writing music, finalizing the scenario, implementing new gameplay elements.

You can add it to your Wishlist on Steam, so you won't miss it!